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Samosts of persons, communities, generations and civilizations of the living, nonliving, real and fictitious nature
Volume 8

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Автор: Контарь В.А.
Dr. Vladimir A. Kontar

Классификация: Философия
ISBN: 9785000588963
Издательство: Эдитус
Кол-во страниц: 560
Переплет: Мягкий переплет
Красочность печати: 1+1
Формат: A5
Тип бумаги: Офсет 80
Крепление: Клеевое скрепление

This book is intended for the first acquaintance with the concept of "Kontarianstvo"

Kontarianstvo is not a religion, it is a fundamentally new science and practice that includes all the knowledge and experience of mankind as a particular simplified case.

You have never been taught anywhere in Kontarianstvo. On the contrary, you have been forced from childhood to a lot of mistakes, delusions and deliberate lies under the guise of "official truth", which is beneficial to a few and a disaster for everyone.

Deliberately deceived humanity actively conflicts with Real Nature and this is rapidly bringing self-destruction of mankind to a close.

Kontarianstvo organizes the cooperation of people with Real Nature based on more correct knowledge about Real Nature, human relations and wisdom.

Any section of the book can be the topic of a student's diploma, a doctoral or Ph.D. dissertation. Authors of original works in the field of Kontarianstvo can be included in the international work on Imbalance of Nature Worldwide Project.

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