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Volume 5
Philosophical principles of cognition of the Real Nature

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Автор: Контарь В.А.

Классификация: Философия
ISBN: 9785000586556
Издательство: Эдитус
Кол-во страниц: 248
Переплет: Мягкий переплет
Красочность печати: 1+1
Формат: A4
Тип бумаги: Офсет 80
Крепление: Клеевое скрепление

This book is not intended for easy entertaining reading without serious consequences. We ourselves, all inside and outside of us, including our thoughts, is one unique Nature.

The first axiom of the Kontarianstvo says: Nature is eternal, infinite, constantly changing, never repeated exactly.

This fundamental position radically changes traditional science and practice, makes them a small special case of Kontarianstvo and opens up fundamentally new vast opportunities for the development of mankind in cooperation with Nature.

Anyone who carefully reads this book from the beginning to end and understands the essence of Kontarianstvo will forever change the understanding of Real Nature and himself place in Nature.

So, decide right now: read this book or do not read it.

Стоимость: 800 руб.

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